Journey to Healing

Why do I monitor my ingredients so carefully?

10 Years

These pictures are an abbreviation of my 20s.  Riddled with illness, pain, immobility, obesity, depression, and an extra helping of guilt.  I got a second chance at life through nutrition and one very attentive physician.  When countless medications and prescribed treatments failed, fruits & veggies, large doses of determination, and an accurate diagnosis with appropriate treatment – WON.  I have Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS), and suffered through all of the debilitating pain, inflammation and digestive destruction that typically accompanies the disorder for 10 years.  At the age of 29, I was diagnosed, began treatment, committed to a 100% organic vegan lifestyle, and (with the help of my amazing family) rebuilt my life.


11 responses to “Journey to Healing

  • Gina Simms

    I absolutely love what you have so far! I think this is going to be bigger than you may think. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  • james lee

    wow… powerful testimony. youve probally heard it alot but your story is my story. unfortunately i have not taken control of my life. you have inspired me to re evaluate my way of thinking. i thank you and my wife thanks you. i pray that my ending will be as successful as yours. congradulations, keep fighting girl.

  • Laura Neal

    I have tears in my eyes. The raw honesty, vulnerability, and success of your story is simply amazing. To fight so hard and long to live a life fully: with beauty and with purpose, in spite of the many chains of sickness that were constantly pulling you down and imprisoning you is truly remarkable. You are a steal magnolia. Celebrate! celebrate! celebrate! Your 30’s are all about you! Go for it all! God knows you have earned it!

  • Brian

    Hey i was reading your story on another website and was brought here. Your story is inspiring and i am on my way to being as recovered as possible. May need hip replacement. I also noticed that you were from new orleans. Maybe you can email me and we can be in contact to help eachother along! Thanks alot

  • Meredith

    Thank you for such a great blog with healthy recipes!

    I, too, battle with seronegative arthritis and associated diseases. I know how hard it is to maintain the energy needed to do everything you can.

  • Sean

    Hi Christina

    I have had AS arthritis for nearly 30 years – my mother took me to a clinic in the UK at age 17 – called The Burghwood Clinic – I was put on an elimination diet…. My long journey of ups and downs began, but food and my gut health plays a huge role in my disease. 20 years without wheat, barley, corn and now avoid soy and cows milk. A few stiff ribs and a slightly lumpy back but rare flares and can exercise most of the time. My Dad was AS with two hip replaced and a fused rib cage and spine.

    I buy in to the reaction hypothesis – with bacteria and dietry proteins leaking in from the gut causing my flares – all my flares are accompanied by abdominal gripe! When I eat too richly – too much houmus is one of my triggers due to high starch content.

    Your website and journey are an inspiration!


    • Christina


      Thanks for sharing your AS story. It’s always nice to know that others have had similar experiences foods and flares.

      Have a Happy 2014!

    • Christina

      Hi Sean,

      Thanks so much for your comment – it’s always fascinating to learn that others have similar symptoms and experiences, particularly when it comes to digestion+arthritis.

      Peace & Health,

  • Oeendree Mukherjee

    Hi! Christina! Your story is very inspiring! I have AS too. I was just diagnosed last week, though I have been suffering with all the symptoms and pain for last 18 years. I can totally relate to your story: “The pain wasn’t in my head! The doctors that made me feel crazy were wrong.” Love!!!

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